Getting a Facebook Page into Evidence

Sept. 6th, 2018

10am PST | 1pm EST

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Thaddeus Hoffmeister

Professor of Law

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This presentation will examine the impact of social media on the Rules of Evidence by looking at the five traditional evidentiary hurdles that proponents of information must overcome when seeking to admit evidence into a court of law (1) relevance, (2) authentication, (3) hearsay, (4) best evidence rule, and (5) character evidence. The focus of the presentation will be on authentication which raises the biggest challenge with respect to getting social media-related information admitted into court.

About The Speaker:

Thaddeus Hoffmeister – As a professor of law, Thaddeus Hoffmeister teaches courses related to criminal law, technology, and the jury. He also directs the UDSL Criminal Law Clinic where his students represent indigent clients charged with criminal offenses. Prior to joining UDSL, Hoffmeister worked on Capitol Hill, clerked for a federal judge, and served in the military.

Hoffmeister has published a number of law review articles, essays, editorials and lengthier writings exploring the criminal justice system, litigation, and social media. His most recent book is entitled Social Media in the Courtroom. In addition to his academic publications, Hoffmeister edits two blogs. His first blog, Juries, which has been continuously published since 2008, focuses on the various issues that arise with jurors and the jury process. His second blog, Social Media Law, examines social media’s impact on the legal system.

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“Getting a Facebook Page into Evidence”

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